Nation X uses data rich analytics to custom tailor highly engaged influencer campaigns

Nation X
Nation X

Full Service Agency Working Worldwide!

Nation X creates disruptive viral influencer experiences which allow brands to break through the noise and stand out from the cacophony. Always using data and experience to drive our actions, we ensure that your brand's objectives are at the forefront of our decisions.

Nation X talent network ranges across the globe. During the past five years we have successfully executed thousands of activations using our extended reach of over 2,000,000 influencers worldwide. This has allowed Nation X to connect brands with top- tier talent from 4 different continents. This service has developed into creating a cohesive data orientated media solution for global brands.

Nation X

Full-Service Campaigns Include

  • Campaign Strategy development
  • Influencer curation
  • Influencer validation
  • Influencer negotiation & contracting
  • Influencer presentation
  • 1099s + Payments
  • Content auditing
  • FTC compliance
  • Paid media needs
  • Analytics and Reporting
Nation X

Talent Sourcing & Creative Activations

Our full-service influencer campaigns are designed around guiding word of mouth by leveraging our organic relationships with influencers. We'll draft your army of brand ambassadors.We use results from past campaigns, follower demographic, audience interests, engagement rates, to identify which creators are the best fit. Imagine a 100 person squad of community advocates, sharing your business with local consumers.

Nation X

Scalable Influencer Insights

By combining their rich focus group background, Nation X’s leaders have designed industry leading strategies to survey influencers on their insights regarding brand objectives at scale… Capture “super consumer” knowledge from the social superstars, and Iterate your brands products and services based on feedback from those who push trends.

Nation X

IRL Influencer Activation

Influencers love to step past their social media platforms and engage with their fans in person. Whether influencers are streaming your brand’s next event or blogging at your next Keynote, connect your audience with influencers that actually resonate with your brand.

Nation X

Paid Media

After identifying which influencers provide the best ROI on their posts, Nation X allows brands to post ads through influencer accounts to reach more curated audiences. Paid Ads are optimal for CTA based initiatives.

Nation X

Content Creation

Consumers engage with 11 pieces of content prior to making a purchase. Our entire team of creatives share a passion for designing content that captivates.

Nation X

E-Commerce Livestreaming

Our founders come from the livestreaming industry and now what it takes to captivate live audiences to sell products in realtime. In China Kim Kardashian sold over $2M of product in less than an hour via a sponsored live streaming. We help brands activate their livestreaming strategy using our vetted group of veteran streamers.